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CUARFC Club Song


Sung to the tune of Carlton's song, we look forward to singing the song many times this year!

We are the Greeny Blues 

We are the Old Light Greeny Blues 

We're the team that never lets you down 

We're the only team old Cambridge knows 

With all the champions 

They like to send us 

We'll keep our end up 

And they will know that they've been playing 

Against the famous Old Light Blues 

Amritz, a legend of the club, also wrote the following in reflection of his love for the club to be sung at all special occasions : 

My lovely CUARFC,

you are the club that makes me happy!

You are the pride and joy of Cambridge;

the-re's nowhere I would rather be!

With you I hope to make the memories

of joys and happiness quite true!

My heart is full of Aussie Rules,

when I pull on the Cambridge Blue!


So when it's time for us to battle

the blue team from the other place,

through goals, and tackles, and the speccies,

light up the spirit we embrace!

Wake up the voices from their slumber,

those voices cheering out for you!

My heart is full of Aussie Rules,

when I pull on the Cambridge Blue!


Through victories and friends around us,

Through-the ups and downs we'll stick together!

May all our friendships last a lifetime -

'cause-this club's forever in our hearts!

And when I've lived a life worth living,

and-the final siren calls for me,

My heart shall always be with you

For you, our Cambridge Aussie Rules!

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