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Donate to CUARFC

We are very appreciative of all donations made to the club. Don't know what to give? Here are our most common expenditures.

  • £40 — pitch hire for a session

  • £60 — match kit

  • £90 — a new Sherrin (ball)

  • £500 — a season’s tournament fees

  • £1000 — transport to an away match

Here's How your Donations Can Make A Difference


With the club growing and more people kicking footies, the wear and tear of Sherrins becomes pricey. We want as many people to get their hands on a ball at training as possible, which is why your kind donations mean so much to us. We can never have enough balls!

Pitch Hire Fees

In the winter months, we host a weekly skills and fitness session on the astro turf. Kind donations have made it so that players have not had to pay for these sessions to date, which has made it easier for people to drop by the sessions and increase the number of players.

Bus Fees

By donating the price of bus hire to a game, our players will not have to contribute towards bus fees. this encourages  everyone to play footy, without limitations, and also encourages supporters along too.

Life-Time Membership

Want more involvement with your donation?

With every donation >£150, we offer life-time club membership.

Please email to find out more.

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