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Varsity 2024

Varsity Match Reports

2nd March 2024, University Parks, Oxford

Women's 1st Team: Cambridge 1 vs 41 Oxford. Oxford win

It was a closely matched first quarter, with the Light Blues putting on some good pressure and getting into good areas up the pitch. Despite this good play, we couldn't capitalise from it, and instead, Oxford grabbed some well-taken goals to give them a first quarter lead. 

The next two quarters showed the quality of the Dark Blues, who are current champions of Europe. Whilst Cambridge dominated the ruck and effectively picked up the crumbs around it,  Oxford intercepted any balls up to the forward line, shutting down the Light Blue attacks. They then efficiently worked their way up the pitch, where our full back line was waiting and keeping the pressure high. The Dark Blues, however, were prepared for this and used balls out the back door to kick snags outside our defences. This resulted in Oxford putting several goals past Cambridge unanswered, to give them a commanding lead for the final quarter.

Cambridge put up a valiant fight in the last quarter and matched Oxford in many areas. However, it wasn’t enough and on the day, the Dark Blues were deserved winners. 

Men's 1st Team: Cambridge 59 vs 21 Oxford. Cambridge win

The game started with great intensity and lots of scrappy play, with neither team able to string a number of passes together on a small boggy pitch. The first quarter was fought out in the midfield, with very little getting towards either goal. Oxford grabbed a behind and goal to kick off the scoring, which the Light Blues responded to well, matching their score and going into quarter time at 7-7.

A quick break and the teams were back out. Cambridge, now with the slight hill advantage, started to pile on the pressure and put several goals past the Dark Blues to give them a healthy lead at half time. 

However, after halftime it was Oxford’s turn to push downhill and this led to 3 quickfire goals, putting them within touching distance of Cambridge. What followed was the turning point in the game, where the Light Blues dug in and defended for their lives. Some valiant tackles and huge defensive kicks ensured that Camrbidge clung on to their lead for the final quarter, with them now back with the hill advantage.

The final quarter was a rout, with the Light Blues winning the quarter 31-1. Some magnificent footy was played, and there were star performances all over the pitch in this final quarter. The final whistle just signalled the inevitable at that point, and the celebrations could begin.

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